New profile painting


I was looking over some of my paintings and drawings lately, and I realised that I hadn’t drawn/painted a portrait in a while.
The one of my boyfriend doesn’t really count here, as I’m still working on that, and it needed to dry before I could apply any other layer.

I also wanted an excuse to sit down properly at my drawingboard to draw/paint/doodle for a longer period of time, so I thought, “hey! lets do it!”
But who to do? I didn’t want to hassle my boyfriend again, not too soon at least, since I’m already doing his profile (and yes, under protests 😉 ) so I figured I’d use mine.
What is easier to use than yourself?

I realised I also needed to update some of my profile pictures around the web too, so this was a win.

Here it is.
Took me 3 working days.. approx 15-16 hours I’d say. Still getting used to the board.

profil step 12 Done


I added a few details a long the way too:

profil detail preview1

The earring, before the hair


profil detail preview2



And after the hair

profil detail preview3 profil detail preview4


The necklace I got from my boyfriend, and a close up of the eye


I have to say, I really enjoyed doing this. Although I still need to work on a few things, I’m mostly satisfied on how it turned out. But you know how an artist is..  😉
(Especially when it comes to drawing/painting yourself)


Zombie contest submission

So Halloween has come and passed. Quite quickly I might add. Felt like it would be longer until it was November (I guess that is always the feeling of a newly started university semester….right?)
The same company, gaming company, that did the Halloween pumpkin contest also had a zombie-fication contest. That consisted of drawing one of their characters as a zombie. I thought long of what character I would do and settled on a sweet little support called Lulu.
She’s a lost child that disappeared into the forest with some fairies and became quite fay herself. (She’s a joy to play – saying things like ‘that tasted purple!’ or ‘that squirrel looks familiar’ when she has transformed an enemy to a squirrel).

Anyhow, I drew and drew.. but I could not do a zombie of her!
However I drew her she was still that little sweetness of a champ.

After a couple of attempts I gave up and started on what the drawing wanted to be: a vampire Lulu!
I drew her on paper first (as that is still were I’m feeling more comfortable) and then photographed it and made line art digitally.
Sadly that is when the university decided that it would be good to put all assessment on our poor class, so I did not manage to do more on her than the line art.

Lulu new1

I will try to find some time to continue with her, and especially colour her in, but right now I haven’t had the time.
I prefer drawing to writing long essays, but essay writing is more important in this case, so I guess that will have to do for now 😉

I started doing some figure drawing again, so I’ll post some picture of that next week!
This time my boyfriend chose a picture for me to draw. Will be interesting to see how it turns out!